Structural Design

What is Structural Design?

Structural design is the engineering element that ensures a building will stay standing for many years. While creative building design focuses on the aesthetics and building codes and the MEP design takes care of the livability elements of a building, structural design zeroes in on the strength and soundness of the skeleton of the building.

What are the main elements of structural design?

  • Roofs
  • Pillars & columns
  • Beams, joists & lintels
  • Footings
  • Piles (if necessary)
  • Slabs & beams
  • Foundation
  • Load-bearing & non-load-bearing walls
  • Bracing systems
  • Staircases & elevator shafts
Steel frame workshop is under construction against a blue sky

The Building Blocks to your Design:


The First Meeting

You describe; we listen. Together we explore project scope and needs.


Concept & Plans

You review the plans and give the go-ahead when you’re satisfied.


Construction Documents & Permits

You’ve got the paperwork in hand to bring your building to life!

What are the advantages of Earth & Sky’s structural design?

Our structural designers are in-house with the creative, MEP, and land development designers.

Many of our competitors don’t have engineers and architects on the same team. At Earth & Sky Design, all of our designers–whether they be in structural design, MEP, creative, or land development–work alongside each other. This helps us avoid the rivalry and project hold-ups that can happen as a result of separation. We keep your project on the move.

Our structural design is flexible.

While structural design is carefully regulated by safety laws and the laws of math and science, there is some leeway in how the building is put together. Some of you want to be involved in each decision. Others of you may prefer the designer to generate the layout and present you with the plans. We’re happy to work with you whatever your preference may be.