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Meet Your Design Partners


Jay Horst

Jay is the Principal and Founder of Earth & Sky Design. He has been around construction all of his life. His interest in architecture and engineering have motivated him to personally study building science beyond his formal education. Jay holds memberships in numerous industry associations, such as the International Code Council, NFPA, and ACI. Jay enjoys spending time with his family, smoking meat on Saturday evenings, and seeing young people learn a trade and serve their communities. He also serves as a pastor in a local church.


Jeff Horst

Jeff is a Co-Founder of Earth & Sky Design. He has been involved in the construction industry ever since he was a boy. His attention to detail and design were part of the inspiration behind his involvement in Earth & Sky. He is involved in coordinating onsite inspections and testing. Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, and reaching out with his church community.


Randy Sensenig

Randy worked in the commercial electrical field as an estimator and project manager for 10 years prior to his current job in design and drafting. The challenge of combining architectural creativity and functional logic to create purposefully attractive structures piqued his interest and led to his employment at Earth & Sky Design. Randy enjoys spending time with his wife and family, as well as outdoor activities such as camping, canoeing, fishing, and running. He also enjoys helping people learn to know God and is a pastor of a small church.


Bryan Rohland, P.E.

Bryan graduated from Penn State University with an engineering degree and became a registered Professional Engineer. His first engineering job was working at a firm that specialized in geotechnical engineering. From there he worked in several consulting firms doing both private and municipal work. His specialty was in preparing and reviewing Land Development plans. Bryan went on to start his own company, doing private Land Development work and municipal consulting which included a number of Townships and Counties in Central PA. He also did structural design work for various drafting and design firms. Bryan joined Earth & Sky Design where his primary role is to do the calculations and make things work. He enjoys the team atmosphere, and works along side the rest of the team to provide solid designs that will last. Aside from work, Bryan loves to spend time with his family and play his guitar.

sand pouring over sandstone rocks like a waterfall

Our Mission


To provide thorough and comprehensive design services to the local community and beyond.


To understand the interaction between building structures and the God-inspired beauty of the earth and sky connection.


To communicate the values of individuals and businesses through the design of their sites and structures.

Our Core Values

sunlight streaming though forest


We believe that God is Light and that His Light brings peace to man’s hearts. We believe that natural light is an extension of that, and we seek to incorporate it into our designs to maximize the positive effect it has on work and living spaces.

waterfall cascading down a steep mountainside


We believe that God created the world with intricate beauty and intention, and we endeavor to seek for ways to connect the things that man builds with the natural beauty of God’s creation.

Builder On Building Site Discussing Work With Apprentice


We believe that education is an important part of preparation. Without minimizing the value of higher education, we place a high value on practical, hands-on experience. We want to encourage and nurture the blessing of the master/apprentice practice.

Modern house featuring Innovative Design


We believe there is value in being relevant. Technology changes. Material options, design styles, and construction processes change as well. We endeavor to be innovative and adaptable to the current state of the industry.