Land Development Design

What is land development design?

Land development design paints the picture of what everything outside and around your building will look like. It includes determining whether your property can be developed in such a way that a building will work on the site. Land development design means creatively mapping out a site in a way that facilitates and complements rather than clashes with the building design and appearance.

What does land development design include?

Site Planning & Design

After we’ve discovered what boundaries we’re working in, we begin creating designs of each aspect of your outdoors–roadway connecting points, site grading, stormwater management, parking area layouts, power and utility lines, and so forth.

Landscaping Design

This is a crucial part of the land development design process that communicates feelings and impressions to your clients and community. Here we sketch out the contours of your flowerbeds, walkways, tree plantings, and any other scapes that will beautify your property.

Feasibility Study

Before you can move ahead with your project, you need to know whether the building you plan to build on your lot will actually work there. A feasibility study delves into zoning regulations and requirements and notes how these requirements will shape the layout, landscaping, and stormwater management of your lot.

Landscape architect design backyard plan for villa

The Building Blocks to your Design:


The First Meeting

You describe; we listen. Together we explore project scope and needs.


Concept & Plans

You review the plans and give the go-ahead when you’re satisfied.


Construction Documents & Permits

You’ve got the paperwork in hand to bring your building to life!

What are the advantages of Earth & Sky’s land development design?

Our land development designers are in-house with the creative and structural building designers.

Our land development designing process can happen in tandem with the structural and creative building design process. If a last-minute change pops up, say in the creative or structural design of the building, we can collaborate on those changes in-house rather than holding up the process while we sort it through with a separate company.

Our land development design is flexible.

Land development design by nature includes some distinct boundaries because of legal and zoning requirements. But there is flexibility within that. Some of you want to be involved in each decision. Others of you may prefer the designer to generate the layout and present you with full plans.

We are flexible. Whether you desire maximal or minimal involvement, we’re happy to match your working style.