Creative Building Design

What is creative building design? 

Creative building design focuses on the aesthetic qualities of a design–how it looks, how it feels, and whether it’s complying with codes. Structural design, on the other hand, focuses on the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make a structure stay standing–the engineering side of things.

If You’re a Contractor. . .

Your clients ask a lot of you. Their building dreams are at your mercy, and they care about how you do your job. Often, those demands come back to the design. It matters to your clients how their building looks, especially if they’re interested in what their building communicates to their customers.

Finding a design that wows your customers while staying within the budget and scope of their project isn’t easy. With a design partner, you will be better able to successfully meet their high expectations.

As design partners who’ve sat in the contractors’ seat, we take seriously the challenge of bringing out the beauty of thoughtful function so you can wow, rather than disappoint, your customers.

If you’re a business . . .

You need to know how you want your building to work for you–the layout that will make your work more efficient. In addition, remember that your building can either enhance or detract from your brand. It’s important that the space affirms your clients’ and employees’ choice of your business.

At Earth & Sky Design, we start with function. Then we make that function beautiful with innovative building methods and an emphasis on natural light.

Whether you’d like to be hands-on with each decision, or whether you’d like us to use our imaginations and present you with our design drafts, we’ll work with you. When you cut the ribbon, you should feel excited. To your business future!

If you’re an organization. . .

Building a home for your organization often involves fielding many opinions. It may feel impossible to gain any ground as you sort through the varying concerns. We’ve walked with other organizations through this process. With our state-of-the-art design software, we can produce a variety of renderings to guide your organization to the decisions that make the most sense for your particular purpose and use.

If you’re an individual. . .

Dream home? Event space? Vacation makeover? Whatever your project, your dreams will be handled wisely. We listen flexibly. Whether you’d like to be hands-on with each decision, or whether you’d like us to use our imaginations and present you with our design drafts, we’ll work with you. You don’t have to worry about red tape and building code compliance–that’s in our hands.

Modern office building with Can lights suspended from ceiling

The Building Blocks to your Design:


The First Meeting

You describe; we listen. Together we explore project scope and needs.


Concept & Plans

You review the plans and give the go-ahead when you’re satisfied.


Construction Documents & Permits

You’ve got the paperwork in hand to bring your building to life!

What are the advantages of Earth & Sky’s creative building design?

Our creative building designers are in-house with the land development designers, the structural building designers, and the MEP designers.

Our creative building design process can happen in tandem with the structural and land development design process. If a last-minute change pops up, we can quickly collaborate with the other designers and engineers on the team. This helps to keep the process from getting derailed as it might if these disciplines were spread across various companies.

Our creative building design is flexible. Some of you want to be involved in each decision. Others of you may prefer that we generate the layout and present you with full plans. We get that everybody’s needs are different. Whether you desire maximal or minimal involvement, we’re happy to match your working style.

Even though this kind of flexibility is unique in the building design world, we’re committed to serving you in this way.